Five Roof Maintenance Dos and Don’ts

roof maintenance Summer is here and that means hectic weather including anything from severe storms through to bushfires and everything in between. Our homes take a beating throughout the year, but summer seems to be the harshest of the seasons. This summer doesn’t have to take a toll on your roof though. Whilst

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6 Important Questions To Ask Your Dallas Roofing Contractor

Dallas Roofing Contractor DON’T HIRE JUST ANY DALLAS ROOFING CONTRACTOR — VET THEM WITH THESE QUESTIONS FIRST Choosing a contractor who will install or repair your roof is as important as choosing the right kind of materials. When done right, your roof installation or repair will increase the value of your home.  If

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Why Roofing Work is best done during summer

As a professional and family-oriented company, our customers are encouraged to book their inspection as we head into winter and as soon as we step out of the chilly winter into the breezy spring. The reason is not far-fetched. We at Elevate roofing understand seasons and where you reserve a booking for the beginning

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