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Concrete or Stone Patio

All of the parts of your home is an investment well made. From your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room to your driveways and walkways, even your patios at the backyard; they all provide value that are all linked together in a way that enhances the entire architectural and personal essence of your home.

With this knowledge in mind, there is a need for you to pay particular attention to the outdoor additions to ensure that they are able to withstand harsh weather conditions and maintenance friendly; exactly how it was the first time you installed them.

There are more than a few selections available for you to choose from but we will talk about two of the best concretes available at elevate roofing: Stamped Concrete and Patio Pavers.

• Stamped Concrete
Due to its unique variation and of course texture, a lot of experts believe that stamped concrete is typically ranks higher on the aesthetic scale simply because of its intricate ornate nature. Furthermore, it is able to mimic a number of other natural materials including flagstone, brick and slate, to give a more appealing appearance.

• Patio pavers
Patio pavers are very pleasing to the eyes and come in numerous colors, shapes and surface finishes. More so, they have a flexible design and that makes it easy for you to customize a pattern that suits your needs and ideas best.
There are also a number of conditions that you should put into consideration when deciding the stone or concrete patio to use and that includes the following.

• Safety
There is a need to put safety first when you are considering any outdoor home improvement and we take safety very seriously at Elevate roofing. Due to the continuous slab feature, stamped concrete has a tendency to be more slippery when wet and that could be a safety concern, especially if you live in an environment with frequent rainfall. If you do, you can choose to safeguard it with protectants.

Pavers also pose some risk too. With the settling and possible heaving, pavers can become uneven and may cause a severe walking incident.

At Elevate roofing, we take your usability and upkeep seriously, and that is why we provide warranty on all our materials and services. We know that upkeep and cost go hand in hand and that it can be a deciding factor in your overall choice. Call us today on 214-952-0203 for an appraisal.


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