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Finding the most ideal place for your favorite and valuable things can be quite tough at times and more often than not, the only solution you have is to design your own custom cabinet. While this may sound complicated, we at Elevate roofing make it easy for you to design a modern custom cabinet that fits your unique space, needs and taste.

One thing that makes us unique is that you don’t have to wait for too long to get your design built. At Elevate roofing, all furniture are made in America with the highest quality materials.  And best of all?  We deliver your custom cabinet within a short space of time!

With Elevate roofing, you can design your cabinet in different sizes and shapes to meet your taste. We offer both large and small custom cabinets and every other size in between. You have the option of choosing from tens to hundreds of sizes and options from modern cabinets for living rooms, kitchens, family rooms and bedrooms.

A lot of Elevate roofing cabinets are made from the highest quality solid wood veneer and solid wood, and this is why our modern custom cabinets last a lifetime. Moreover, our materials will make you feel good,  as the wood we use at Elevate roofing are sourced locally, meaning that when you choose us,  you’re choosing sustainable furniture.

We have made available a custom storage cabinet tool for you to design and bring to life your ideas. You can start designing your cabinet by selecting your dimensions before you have access to lots of design options that our experts will help build to your specific measurements.

Elevate roofing custom cabinet collections are inspired by a genuine need to provide a unique touch for our customers. Our custom cabinet designs are modern, stylish and sleek.  Our design inspiration comes from a wide variety of places and times including arts and crafts, mid-century modern and other modern classic schools of design.

Our Custom cabinets are made to your specifications and they arrive at your home fully assembled and to your taste. Whether you know exactly what you want, or you are new to designing your own custom cabinet, we at Elevate roofing can help make your vision a reality. Call us on 214-952-0203 to cconsult with our expert design team for ideas and advice. You can also go through our gallery or read our blog for insight into making design choices.


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