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A fence or fencing, is a structure used to enclose an outdoor space. At elevate roofing, we understand the importance of privacy and keeping intruders out.  We also know that you want the best materials and professionals to help build your fence with guarantee.

Of course we understand that there is quite a number of fencing contractors working in our area. The reality is that only a few make premium customer services a priority and even fewer are reputable. With us, you can be rest assured that your budget would be put into adequate consideration before quality options are proposed. Whatever your choice is, maybe a security fence or in fact an elegant and classy boarder for your home or a privacy fence, you can be rest assured that we will come through with the best!

We can assure you that each member of our team of professionals will work closely with you from their initial conversation over the phone until you sign-off that you are happy with the work we have done.

At Elevate Roofing, we provide the following types of fences:

  • Privacy fence: privacy is important and we realise how much you want to keep intruders away. That is why at Elevate roofing, we take our privacy fence seriously and ensure that we make use of the best materials and professionals to give you a work that you will be proud to showcase to your friends and family. At Elevate roofing, you can be sure to get this fence at the cheapest price possible, while also enjoying a warranty with it.
  • Security fence: We offer different types of Security fences including electric and barbed wire fencing options. We employ the use of excellent materials for you to keep your livestock on your land and to provide security for your valuables. We also provide strong, durable and secure and relatively maintenance free Metal fences. We at Elevate Roofing ensure that we make use of the best aluminium and wrought iron with accompanying warranty.
  • Elegant borders: Elegant borders are Beautiful and offers your home good views, while also providing security. It is most suitable for domestic application. We provide the best quality materials and services for the different types of elegant fencing including; Close board, Lap panel and Semi-solid panels.

At elevate roofing, we ensure that we make use of the best available materials for your fencing. We also have certified professionals that help with installation and after sales service. That is why we guarantee all our products and services.

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