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The roofing system available for commercial building owners and the way the systems are installed is quite different from residential roofing application. If you own or manage a commercial building say a retail outfit, a manufacturing facility or an office building, this important structure may not always be top of mind, however. When the commercial roof is working well as it should be and protecting the business from extreme weather conditions and other elements, the problem which may arise doesn’t command much attention from the occupants of the building. People generally miss the importance of preventive maintenance ( which includes regular repair and inspections ) of the roof and that what leads to the creation of unexpected hassles, which can even put a hold on the business operations.

Today decision-makers inside organizations, responsible for taking roofing decisions have many more options available when compared with residential options so the decision-making process becomes more confusing for them. One needs to ask more difficult and pertinent questions keeping one’s business requirements before deciding upon selecting the right roofing material and hiring the right commercial roofer who can deliver the project without hampering the business operations.


How long a commercial roof should last?

Replacing or repairing the commercial is completely a business investment. As an owner of a business, it is a pertinent and important question to ask regarding the durability of the roof installed. No two commercial roofs are the same even if they are made of the same material. Suppose the building houses a busy restaurant, the restaurant is likely to discharge oil and fat residues from cooking through your ventilation system, which is located on the building’s roof. This scenario can become quite different in case the building houses a bank’s branch. The durability of the commercial roofs is this case has a lot to with the type of roofing material and how your Dallas Roofer has done there job. Dallas Roofer should have the technical know-how and the relevant experience to work with a commercial building owner. Should be able to guide the owner to make the right decision to improve the ROI around this investment.

What are commercial roofs made of?

Modern roofing materials are more durable and often have energy savings properties. Choosing the right material to improve the lifetime value of the roof. Businesses which are involved in operations which include the release of heat and gases through their chimneys ( located on the rooftop ) are always recommended to use thermoplastic membrane material like TPO and PVC, which are resistant to these and which in turn improve the lifespan of the commercial roof.

We at Elevate Roofing and Construction ( A Dallas based Commercial roofer ) are very diligent in this case, factors like what type of business operations which will be housed in the building, etc is an important data point we give the highest consideration while doing the initial survey and also during the process of roof installation.

What is the best roof type suitable for one’s business?

Roofing systems and design are important considerations while making a commercial roofing decision. The cost a commercial roofer would charge the business also depends on that. Factors like plywood layers, the number of chimneys on the roof, location of vents on the roof, etc should guide one’s decision.

It’s not likely that one needs to make a big investment always when there is a damaged roof. A selection of the right roofing system and design can ensure less occurrence of damage and preventive measure is taken well in advance with the help of an intelligent Dallas Roofer can solve the problem at a much low cost.