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Screens are an important part of every home, as they play a huge role in the security of valuables from theft and burglary. There is a high demand on efficiency when it comes to screens; and safety and speed of construction are of utmost importance in modern day construction of high-rise building and the construction industry at large.

We at Elevate roofing understand the important role security and safety plays in construction and most especially in high-rise buildings where safety is especially at the front burner. This is why we as a company offer the Elevate Screens. Our screens do not only offer a super safe modular perimeter protection, but they are arguably the most secure ones you will ever come across!

We ensure that our Elevate screens are put together to the precise and accurate requirements, measurements and specifications you need. This is because we believe that our screens serve as protection to both our workers, yours and any other person within the construction site. Elevate screens also help to stop and prevent objects from toppling over. They also help to protect any passers-by within your construction area and of course, put prying eyes at bay while the masterpiece is being completed.

We know for sure that Perimeter safety screens have now become an essential part at construction sites and that is why we ensure during the design process of our screens that they are made from the best quality possible by the best professionals to protect and secure your work and your site.

We at Elevate roofing also offer modular screens. We encourage you to be part of the design process, so that our modular screens will suit your specific requirements and needs. More so, our professionals construct our screens to suit the needs of each individual construction site. We know that each site has its peculiarities and that is why elevate roofing ensures that you get screens that will best suit the needs of a particular construction site at every point in time.

At elevate roofing, we ensure that we make use of the best available materials for your screens. We also have certified professionals that help with installation and after sales service. That is why we guarantee all our products and services.
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