Professional Roofing Contractor Dallas

Professional Roofing Contractor Dallas

A roof installation or roof repair project with professional roofing contractor Dallas rather costly. According to statistics, an average roof replacement costs about $2,000 to $3,500. If done wrong, these costs could quickly escalate. Apart from the costs, some of the other reasons why you should hire a qualified commercial roofing contractor are:

Solve These Roofing Issues With A Professional Roofing Contractor Dallas #1: Faulty Installation

Poorly installed roofs are much more likely to see problems sooner rather than later.

Incorrect tile placement can allow water to enter through the spaces. This is because of leaks and damage to your roof and roof space. Nails placed in the wrong place, or too few used to hold down the tiles, can result in tiles slipping and breaking, particularly during bad weather. Guttering installed incorrectly can misdirect water to areas where it can cause damage. Flashing that’s meant to protect valleys and protrusions like vents and chimneys can cause water to leak into your home if not fitted properly.

To avoid these problems always make sure you hire a professional roofing contractor Dallas.  Look for assurances such as CheckaTrade reviews, Which Trusted Trader, and Competent Roofer accreditation.

Solve These Roofing Issues With A Professional Roofing Contractor Dallas #2: Moisture & Water Damage

Moisture can find its way through gaps and cracks in your roof and seep into walls and floors. This can be a costly fix not just for your roof, but also other areas of your home. Moisture damage can occur due to a number of reasons but is generally down to gaps in your defenses such as missing tiles, or puncture damage on flat roofs and protective membranes. This makes your roof ineffective against adverse weather such as rain, snow, or sleet.

Solve These Roofing Issues With A Professional Roofing Contractor Dallas #3: Damage from Trees

Overhanging trees can be a big problem for your roof. Not only is there the danger that a strong wind will blow it over, but its branches can rub on your roof tiles which can wear away the top layer. This means the tiles are much more likely to succumb to weather damage, and general wear and tear. If you have a tree with limbs that hang over your roof, you should get a professional tree surgeon to clip back overhanging branches. A professional roofing contractor Dallas can help you with this issue!

4: Pooling Water

Pooling water is a sign that your roof is not performing efficiently. A roof in proper working order will transport rainwater away from your home, and into drainage pipes. If your roof is not transporting water away and it starts to pool. Then it will increase the load that your roof has to bear. When left alone, pooling water can cause the load to exceed the overall threshold of your roof and possibly lead to a collapse.

If you are currently suffering from this problem, it is advisable that you call in a professional roofing contractor Dallas to carry out a thorough assessment of why pooling water is occurring.

5: Punctures & Penetrations

Extreme weather conditions (such as wind or hail) can puncture and penetrate your roofing material, creating entry points for moisture to seep into your home. It is important to check your roofing material regularly for any holes or gaps to avoid the water damage that can occur as a result.

6: Poor Ventilation

Most roofs have a space near the base (near the soffits) and at the top (near the ridge) to provide ventilation for the warm air that naturally rises.

A poorly ventilated roof means that the moisture and temperature in your roof are unregulated, which can lead to serious problems. Moisture and temperature build-up can cause damage to the components of your roof, lead to a build-up of mold and mildew, and even have an effect on your energy costs.

7: Blocked Drainage

Your drainage system is designed to transport water from your roof to your drains. This plays a very important part in maintaining your roof, as it prevents pooling which could lead to a roof collapse if left unchecked. Blocked drains and guttering are usually caused by a build-up of fallen leaves, dirt, dust and silt. It is therefore important to check your gutters regularly. And even more so during the autumn months when we see the most falling leaves.

Choose The Best Professional Roofing Contractor Dallas For The Job

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